Life Skills and General Well-being

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Life Skills Essentials

Program 1: Creativity

In this program, we will cover the 4 essentials of Creativity:

The Mini Creativity: though meaningful to the creator, the creation is new and exciting to the creator. The Little Creativity represents growth from the above-mentioned level, through feedback and improvement that now possess value to more than the creator. The Pro Creativity stage reaches professional creativity in professional settings. Pro Creativity stage is where the creator creates as a passion and makes a living in the process. The Big Creativity creator is one whose entire collective work over a career is noteworthy. Big Creativity creators define a period or a style by way of their genius.

Program 2: Resolution Measures

In this program, we will cover 4 aspects of Problem Solving:

Initially, to problem solve, the individual must protect the business or the part which they control. Next, it is important to anticipate all the steps and missteps, unforeseen circumstances, and setbacks as much as possible. Upon anticipating as much of these areas as possible, it is important to devise corrective measures. Thirdly, be sure your tribe is on the same vibe. Meaning, incorporate the people with like-mindedness and then those who may not always agree with the plan, but have the best interest of the initiative at heart – as well as a good heap of valuable input. Lastly, do your research and update the information as much as possible in order to remain on the cutting edge.

Program 3: Critical Thinking

In this program, we will cover the life skills aspects of Critical Thinking:

More people than ever before need to master critical and ethical thinking skills. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how scenarios may be used as a vehicle for enhancing students' critical and ethical thinking skills and to take a critical thinking approach to evaluate current and past ethical issues and the arguments surrounding the issues.

Program 4: Leadership

This program will cover areas of leadership as it pertains to life skills essentials:

We will examine some of the essentials from the newly published New Venture Modeling Strategies for Information Technology Business Startups. We will delve into the strategies that drive leadership in this segment. We will also look at the steps taken by companies to succeed beyond the first 5 years. Lastly, we will examine the Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim and Mauborgne, 2015).

General Well-being audio session follows as a mental boost for 21 days of listening.

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Life Skills and General Well-being

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